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Social Energy Trading Platform For Households and SME that executes bulk-buying power to shop around for energy deals in real time and switch to most attractive retailers offering black or green energy. Easy, reliable and profitable as it has never been before. In just 5 minutes.

Our mission


To bring energy wholesale market on a retail level to satisfy price expectations and cut energy poverty


To boost smaller consumer engagement thus rise market competitiveness, transparency and fairness


To develop green energy purchases to cut the CO2 emission

Ogarniamprad.pl is the first social energy trading platform for collective black and green energy purchasing and switching. It allows smaller customers execute bulk-buying power and shop around for the best energy deals in real time and switch to the most attractive retailers offering offering black or green electricity and gas. Easy, reliable and profitable as it has never been before. Thanks to 5 minute registration.

Joining is simple: you register and open a free account, let the retailers bid the lowest prices and switch to new retailer and pay less and save. We take care about all formalities.

We link communication, technology and mobility to unlock customers’ engagement to drive sustainable future energy market and meet their rising expectations for convenience, choice and self-control. We support them and improve their awareness to make better choices. We bring in wholesale energy market on a retail level to deliver a new deal for consumers.

With our technological solution and business approach we join the fights against energy poverty as well as smog and climate change.

As energy sector faces a profound change – it transforms from a centralised concept in which consumers were passive into an integrated and intelligent, distributed system which engage consumers and allow them to participate in the market and profit directly form a fair, open competition and cross-border flows of energy – we support consumers for that shift. In academic-industry collaboration we develop online and offline strategies to raise awareness of affordable solutions for smog and CO2 reduction.

Most competitive energy retailers that bid the lowest prices on our auctions

The problems we solve

Today energy consumers find it quite difficult to shop around for the best energy deals. They can either search for alternatives by themselves among over hundreds of suppliers or use Price Comparison Websites for which they are just sales “leads”. As a result there is a little trust on energy market. Although energy prices are high only 2% of individual consumers switch to new suppliers a year (in Poland, 10% average in UE countries). And buying green energy is not popular although households are responsible for 40% of harmful emission of CO2.

On the other hand the consumers are facing other new challenges:

  • growing number of Distributed Energy Resources,
  • growing number of retail market participants,
  • higher fluctuation of energy prices,
  • growing social pressure to protect climate.

Auctions Connection

Our platform solves their current problems and build awareness of new challenges and good choices. Consumers must be at the centre of future energy market, using modern technologies and innovative solutions to choose from a variety of offers and switch. These processes should be dynamic and optimized. To meet consumers expectations there is a strong need to bring energy wholesale market on a retail level. We support these challenges.

Low energy prices will decrease energy poverty and improve air quality. As more than 50 million households in the European Union are in energy poverty, struggling to attain adequate warmth and pay their utility bills on time, EU has identified this policy priority as Clean Energy for All Europeans We follow these challenges too.

Our innovative technology

Auctions Connection

Our platform aggregates energy packages based on tariff, location and profile and uses real time reverse auctions to bid the lowest prises. AUTOMATICLY, EFFECTIVELY, SAVE. To give you a better picture we have combined E-bay (auctions) with Groupon (aggregation) and Amazon (logistic and high quality customers service). Our platform makes energy sales and purchase transactions simple and gives both sides of transactions (consumers and retailers) new quality of service thus contribute to stronger position of consumers on the liberalized energy market. It also support the growth of renewable energy sources. The platform takes a form of portal, web/mobile application. It is constructed in modular form. It uses a number of implemented algorithms, supporting remote, online, in real time conducted reverse auctions, including: verification of data entered by registered users, calculation of annual power/gas consumption, automatic and manual profiling of users’ consumptions and aggregating them into the groups of purchase, automatic evaluation of retailers’ offers, billing the reward points earned by users, automatic generation of reports with the results of auctions. The platform has been built in an open for development model , using open standards and proven technologies that highlights cloud computing model, Web2.0 model, semantic Web. We have used a proven model to build it simple and let it evolve.

Opinie Klientów


W ostatnich dniach zgłaszają się do nas Klienci biznesowi Enea w sprawie pisma, dotyczącego podwyżki cen energii.
Sprzedawca informuje w nim, że w związku z sytuacją rynkową podnosi stawkę za MWh z dniem 01.02.2020 r. (zdarzają się przypadki, że nawet do 470 zł/netto MWh w przypadku taryfy C11).

    Oczywiście nie możemy pozostać obojętni na tę sytuację i dlatego przygotowaliśmy kompleksową usługę ratowania "przyzwoitych cen".

Taryfa :
C11 - 353,85 zł/netto MWh,
C12 - Strefa I - 387,82 zł/netto MWh, Strefa II - 330,43 zł/netto MWh,
C12B - Strefa I - 373,02 zł/netto MWh, Strefa II - 277,3 zł/netto MWh,
C21 - 349,92 zł/netto MWh.

W czym pomagamy:

* Przygotujemy dla Ciebie wypowiedzenie zgodne z pismem jakie otrzymałeś, które wystarczy, że podpiszesz i wyślesz do Enea.
* Do końca okresu wypowiedzenia (najczęściej będzie to koniec kwietnia) pozostaniesz na obecnych cenach.
* Od 1 maja 2020 do końca 2021 r., będziesz mógł cieszyć się dobrą ceną energii z gwarancją jej niezmienności do końca kontraktu.

Wystarczy, że wypełnisz formularz kontaktowy a my zadzwonimy do Ciebie by pomóc załatwić sprawę szybko, bezpiecznie i skutecznie.

Do usłyszenia :)